Saturday, March 16, 2013

Bead Soup time again

Winter is a great time for soup...bead soup that is!  

I know it's really almost technically spring, but the current snow outside the window begs to differ.

I signed up back in January for Lori Anderson's Bead Soup Blog Party and I was lucky enough to be paired with Krafty Max or Krafty Max Originals.  She does some beautiful work in a variety of different beading styles so I'm excited to see what she'll design based on the soup ingredients I sent her.  She sent me an amazing amount of beads and a really interesting focal type that I've never worked with before. 

I'll be revealing my creation at the end of the month, but expect a post sometime soon about what's inspired in regards to the piece that I am creating. 

1 comment:

Krafty Max said...

I am so glad you liked it.... I can't wait to see the amazing creation you make!! ~KM