Thursday, December 17, 2009


The end of the year approaches and that inevitably brings a time to reflect on the past year. I will inevitably spend the next few weeks reading everyone else's end of year lists, but in keeping with Use the Muse's encouragement I'm offering my beading goals for the next year.

1. Experiment with headbands and more hair combs.
I had started some of these a few years ago and kept putting them down. Literally, in the case of the hair combs I made. I kept forgetting them places. While I may not be designed to wear them without losing them, I think they are pretty and fun and can be great accessories. I do however promise to not jump on the feathered headband bandwagon.

2. Home goods
I've started experimenting with some netted beadwork on vases as holiday presents and I'm liking the look.

3. Reorganize the bead collections
After putting everything away for a couple of months so the apartment could be exterminated it is in need of some reorganization. Plus I have a whole bunch of new things that need homes. There's also a bag of clasps that has gone missing that I would dearly love to find.

4. Beaded Cabochons
I've never tried to make these and I would like to maybe incorporate them into some designs.

5. Get the personal website up and fully functional.
It is so close. It's totally going to happen. Soon.

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